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reduce the verbal confusion and get comfortable with words to generate visuals.

Verbal to Visual
Prompting Framework

Define the niche for your prompt

Learn about what industry or business your users might actually use so you can tell AI what to focus on.

Example business: Yoga Instructor.

Convey the context in the prompt

A specific prompt yields better results and context implies what your users are looking for.

Example Context: A Yoga instructor can help with future users who are looking for classes to help with with their back aches or holistic health.

Define the visual styles

Every person's idea of visuals could differ. Similarly the AI can assume and generate visuals too.

Example Visual Styles: A yoga instructor's website could be minimal, could be of grid style of images and full width. The vibe should be light mode with a yellow primary color -Lots of gradients and transparency

Finally, compose the Prompt

Combine all the inputs from the above steps to come up with a prompt which you can use in Framer AI.

Fully Composed Example: Create a simple landing page for Sahara, a yoga instructor who specialises in spine yoga. The goal of the page is for show available classes where people can signup for them. The color scheme and vibe should be of light mode with a yellow as a primary color with lots of gradients and transparency. Show the photos of the yoga studio in a grid.

Review, test and refine your prompt

Once you write your prompt, it's not the end of it. Generate it, refine it and tweak it till you are satisfied with the results.

☻ Where else can I use this guide?

Once you write your prompt, you can use this to test out various versions of AI image generation on Midjourney, Framer AI, Uizard and many more places that use a prompt generator as it's main input.

Quick Video Intro

Ready to dive in?

Ready to dive in?

Choose a prompt, drop it into the AI text box, and watch Framer work its magic on your landing page

Choose a prompt, drop it into the AI text box, and watch Framer work its magic on your landing page

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